“Since ancient times no-one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.” (Isaiah 64:4)

Peace & Stability for Kashmir

“But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head. To the Lord I cry aloud, and he answers me from his holy hill.” (Psalm 3:3-4)

A taxi boatman paddles through the sellers of the floating market.

Prince of Peace, we come to you on behalf of the Indian state of Kashmir. We ask that you would look upon this northern-most part of India and its people that have been entrapped by political and religious agendas for many decades.

We are asking for:
-a turning point that will lead to peace.
-a peace that is sustainable and life giving to every business and family.
-peace-promoting policies and laws to be established.
-platforms of impact for the men and women of peace.
-a release of programs that educate and equip constructive conflict resolution.

Human wisdom has failed these people, so we ask for healing to come to the deep wounds of history between Pakistan and India. May the leaders of these nations be divinely inspired to do what is right for the Kashmiris.

God we ask for a new season of freedom where the Gospel is concerned. Move on the hearts of each man and woman who have the power to allow or restrict. We ask that Your word would go forth without restraint. We ask that Your Spirit would pursue every man, woman and child so that they can be released from oppression and given their blood-bought inheritance among the saints.

We stand with you in proclaiming, “Kashmir belongs to the Prince of Peace and is beloved of God.” In Jesus’ name, amen.

(If you are interested in praying for Kashmir in detail, please write us for a prayer guide that highlights this region.)

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12 prayers added to "Peace & Stability for Kashmir" page:

  1. Lord God, May you send your Prince of Peace to the lost ones who have no peace.
    May all who bow to the idols see the feet of Jesus. May all those who pray to the statues
    find out who Jesus is. Send your word to the lost. Shalom.

  2. Dear Lord,
    Open the eyes and ears of the people of Kashmir to know the truth of Jesus Christ and the price that He paid for their freedom. He came to set the captives free. Set them free dear Lord.

  3. Father, You know the needs of the people of this region. Please , LORD, lift up the veil of darkness that surrounds this region with Your ministering angels and Your big warriors to protect our Christians there and equip them with Power from the Holy Spirit. Please Lord, help the people see the Light that shines from You. In Jesus precious name, Amen. I Love You, Lord. We are praying for a big shift going forth for Your Glory and for Your people to dream dreams and see visions of You. Amen.

  4. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed it be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in Kashmir as it is in Heaven. Give them this day, their daily bread and forgive them their trespasses as they forgive those who trespass against them. Lead them not into temptation and deliver them from evil for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever in Jesus name, Amen.

  5. Father we ask thee for thy power to move away the forces of evil that has blinded so many people in Kashmir from knowing the only Truth, Your Son Jesus Christ. Grant the grace that is needed to remove the blindness spiritually so that multitudes may look upon His face. Glorify Thy Son, In Jesus ‘ Name, Amen .

  6. Father- you abide in the gap between where Kashmir is now and where it will be. I pray that all these prayers lifted up to you manifest as the seed of these righteous prayers are sown and is quickly grown to maturity. Let the winds of change blow on Kashmir right now.

  7. Lord, Please bless the people of Kashmir and remove the forces of evil that leave them without freedom and the peace they need so badly. Reveal yourself to them so they may know that You and You alone are the almighty God who truly loves them and will bring them the help they so badly need. May every man, woman and child feel your presence and rejoice. In Jesus name, Amen

  8. Dear Father in Heaven, please let Your light shine in Kashmir’s darkness, and please let that darkness be overcome. Bless and protect those who bear the Gospel. Dear Father in Heaven, please draw Kashmiri people to Your light. In Jesus’ Holy and Pure Name. Amen.

  9. Father, You love all the people whom You have created, that You have made ways for them to come to You. One of my friends was suddenly and unexpectedly overcome by the knowledge of her need for a Savior while eating supper with her husband and another couple. She cried out, “I’m a sinner!”
    Lord, please move on hearts in Kashmir in equally sudden and unexpected ways. And may there be apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers ready to equip the new saints when they receive a saving knowledge of You. I ask this in the name of Jesus, the Lord our one and only Savior, amen.

  10. Father, our Lord Jesus DID provide a blood-bought inheritance for the people of Kashmir. Your Word declares that He purchased their salvation with His pure, spotless Blood. A song proclaims that, too: “The blood that Jesus shed for me, way back on Calvary; the blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power. It reaches to the highest mountain. It flows to the lowest valley. The blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power.”
    And that is so true. Please cause the Blood of the Lamb to stand between the people of Kashmir and the enemy of their souls. Cause all that the Blood provides to be effectual to the saving of the souls of multiplied millions in Kashmir. We want to share Your heavenly home with them. I ask this in the name of Jesus, the Living Sacrifice, the only Source of Life, amen.

    • Amen, there is power in the blood of the Lamb, Wonder working power, in the Blood of the Lamb! Father, may the Power of the Blood of Thy Son, The only acceptable sacrifice for the sins of the world found only in Jesus Christ! Father may this power bring Glory unto Him and may multitudes come to the cross in Kashmir and receive the gift of salvation. Thank You Lord for what You are going to do in Kashmir . Amen

  11. Desire of all Nations… come and make Your glory known among the people of Kashmir. We ask that You will do for them what they cannot do for themselves: provide a deep and lasting change in the heart which will ultimately affect the entire region.